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Letter: Endangered America

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

America is the greatest country in the world!

If it wasn’t, why would all these people since the start of this country want to come here? Our country was formed basically so that we could enjoy freedoms that other countries did not have. We are a Christian nation—“In God We Trust.”

Because we are free, we allow everyone to practice whatever religion they choose. The changes that the “politically correct left” are making cast a dark shadow on our beloved country. Some young people have not been taught our history or to love our country, or to understand the principle of “who pays your bill owns you.”

Believe us when we say if the present administration would have been in power during World War II, you would not be here, because we would be dead. What can we do to save our country? Stop electing and putting into power “non-patriots,” people that do not love and uphold our way of life—who want t...

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