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Letter: Emperor or president?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It isn’t enough for this president that he demeaned and insulted the Supreme Court for the world to see and hear, but he actually believes he has the right to tell them how to do their job! To warn them? Is there no end to the ego of this president?

Will he ever realize that America was carefully conceived to prevent any one body of government from "ruling" independently? Surely there are some labeled as liberals who believe in the good of our government structure. Because if not, then as a people, a nation designed to be guided by law, we are in greater danger from within than from any outside enemy past or future. Isn’t there part of the media, or the press, that will say "enough" and speak up for the law? Is everyone afraid of this president? It always takes courage to stand up to the guys that hold power; but if you are going to go down, at least do it while fighting for what is right.

Dawn Dale

Hayes, Va.

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