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Letter: Elected officials need to work together

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

During the March 1 Board of Supervisors meeting, a yearlong discussion about converting county administration from a calendar year to a fiscal year resumed. The County Administrator suggested that proceeding with the conversion was not possible at this time, primarily due to objections from the Commissioner of Revenue and the Treasurer (both elected by the People of Gloucester and not present at the meeting). I will not speak to the efficacy of the calendar conversion, but will instead address something far more important; our elected leaders working as a team.

For the last several years we have noticed that all of our constitutional officers, except the commissioner of revenue, have appeared at public meetings when asked to do so or when there was a discussion that directly involves their responsibilities. Each time the commissioner has not appeared when expected, the excuse of being too busy with one thing or another has been given on his behalf by county s...

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