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Letter: Education, not indoctrination

After reading Ms. Fletcher and Mr. Knupp’s letters of March 3 (“A climate of distrust” and “Who will teach our kids?” Readers Write), all I can say is Thank God for Governor Youngkin.

Realizing that our education system was not providing a recourse for parents concerned with the curriculum and related issues (treatment of “transgender” students, etc.), he instituted a tip line as an extension of the checks and balances principle, allowing parents a means to rein in a school district that has gone over the line from education to indoctrination.

No teacher who is teaching the prescribed curriculum need worry about a complaint, as it will be examined by a board weighted in favor of the teacher. However, if the curriculum is shown to be at fault, or the teacher/district has decided to go over the line, then the matter shall be dealt with.

Mr. Knupp says, “Can teachers be fired for the truth?” Well, Mr. Knupp, who is the arbiter of the truth? Shall we turn over the upbringing of o...

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