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Letter: Economic crisis on the horizon

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As all fiat currencies devolve into worthless pieces of paper, it becomes important to acknowledge that once inflation increases, let alone hyperinflation, it will likely become impossible to convert fiat dollars into items possessing intrinsic value. The possibility of converting those dollars into real money—gold and silver, constitutional money, nature’s money, God’s money—will have passed.

Due to the very limited available supply of gold and silver, there will inevitably be a failure to deliver event, very likely to first occur within the silver market. However, that failure to deliver will drive the prices of both metals to exponential levels within a commensurate decline in the dollar.

As many are aware, the price of gold has reached all-time highs in many countries and continues to make new highs on a near daily basis. The currencies, all fiat, will continue to decline in value as inflation rises with a hypercritical rush. All ...

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