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Letter: Durability of democracy

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

With the elections past, it is time to reflect on the meaning for our county and the nation. Some lessons include the desire of parents here and across the country to become active again in their children’s education. This is probably due to forced parental involvement during the COVID pandemic. CRT may have been the spark that touched off the explosion but cannot be considered the sole reason that voters thronged to the polls.

The question of moving the war memorial also stirred voters as many look on it as a substitute for a gravestone honoring ancestors that fought for their country and never returned.

The board of supervisors’ election brought in two candidates that have the reputation as gadflies, but it is hoped will moderate themselves now that they sit on the board. The only regrettable incident involved around the tearing down of a political sign by the incumbent, showing his disdain for the 1st Amendment. I have no doubt that this contribute...

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