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Letter: Drugs, crime and the Wall

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Regardless of the sources of crime statistics, we should be able to agree that the illegal drug problem in America increases crime and damages our families. Everyone suffers because of it. The drug cartels use their billions of dollars of dirty money to undermine practically everything we hold dear.

Our drug problem isn’t new; we’ve been fighting it for over half a century. Every president since Lyndon Johnson has tried different strategies; most have been ineffective or failed. The problem continues to grow. Our country needs new ideas to solve this problem. President Trump was elected to solve this crisis and we need to support his efforts to protect our country.

The opium epidemic in China became so grave that, as a last resort, the Communist Chinese government resorted to executions of drug peddlers and users on a wide scale. God forbid that America should ever reach such a level of desperation. Comparatively, additional funding for the Wall ...

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