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Letter: Draining the swamp

I recollect President Kennedy’s intent to break up the CIA into a thousand pieces with Sen. Chuck Schumer’s admonition that the intelligence agencies have “six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

These comments prompt the recognition of a recent book that casts much light on the current Washington intrigue involving intelligence agencies confounding the political process. The book that speaks directly to the CIA subterfuge in domestic affairs is “From the Company of Shadows” by former CIA officer Kevin Shipp.

Mr. Shipp writes that the CIA is complicit in the current stealth jihad movements operating within the U.S. with the intent and purpose to prevent other agencies from investigating causes of negligence, discrimination and to shut down whistleblower claims. Mr. Shipp further warns that many journalists are now afraid to expose the CIA and other intelligence agencies of corruption. Mr. Shipp expresses his concern that much of the American ...

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