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Letter: Draining the swamp once and for all

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Today we are at a crossroads and the stakes cannot be higher. Do we want the declared socialists to run the country or do we defend our freedoms as we know them? Terrorism is a systemic use of terror or anxiety as a means of keeping or gaining control of a government. Today we are witnessing the corruption of various government agencies such as the FBI and the Department of Justice.

The previous administration is largely responsible for the turmoil and racial divide we are finding ourselves in today. Divide and conquer was their goal as they take us down the path of socialism. The Democrat party has been hijacked by the progressives and is now part of their movement. To obstruct, and resist, and not showing up for important votes is exactly out of the socialist ideology on destabilizing and taking control.

Conservatives and people of faith are an impediment to the left’s agenda and are openly attacked, ridiculed and criticized. Congresswoman Maxine Wat...

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