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Letter: Don’t teach hate

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I attended the Gloucester School Board’s Town Hall meeting last Tuesday evening (July 13) and was heartened to see a standing-room-only crowd of concerned parents over their children’s education. This school board never had this much pressure put on them, and it was certainly an eye-opener for the school board.

As a grandparent, I have concerns over critical race theory, equity Virginia, diversity, and inclusion. These concepts (if taught with discriminatory bias/intent) have no place in our school system—interpretive ideas that teach hate and division. It appears that Virginia’s focus, and nationally for that matter, is going in the wrong direction, which is why our education system is behind internationally.

The Chinese, for instance, teach their fourth graders to solve algebraic, multinomial equations (an equal symbol between two or more algebraic expressions that have the same value). I know this because my husband and I hosted some Chinese gradua...

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