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Letter: Don’t increase the federal debt ceiling

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

At present, the national debt is over $14,000,000,000,000—a number simply beyond my comprehension. And there are those who would raise it. Whatever happened to the oath of office of our legislators to uphold the Constitution?

The intention of the framers of our federal Constitution was to provide for a national defense, as the states would be hard put to protect themselves individually. But, otherwise, the business of government was pretty much to be at the state and local level. We have gone so far afield of that concept that it is a foreign notion to many.

We need to regain that concept and end all the 90-plus percent of unconstitutional federal spending and allow the individual states and local entities to carry on the government’s business.

At the very least, to start in that direction, we need to contact our legislators and insist they oppose raising the federal debt ceiling limit.

Sue Long

North, Va.

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