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Letter: Don’t erase the war

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I supported sanctions against Cuba, South Africa and Korea but we were wrong. We only hurt these we were trying to help.

If the public keeps on this destruction of the Confederacy the very people they claim are being helped will lose. Williamsburg is already facing harm. Without the Confederacy why would anyone visit Richmond, Vicksburg, Atlanta? The second most written about subject is the war and its era. Yet you have embarrassed visitors to no longer follow their interest. As late as 1989 under President Bush, Interior Secretary Manuel Lujan Jr. stated four out of every 10 foreign visitors came to see the war.

Leave the monuments to explain the war, Jim Crow; I still bear a scar from marching with King and until now was a supporter of civil rights but seeing the actions of a few makes me realize I just helped change the haters, and these who feel they have right to deny a group or person their rights.

Gary Adams

Hayes, Va. ...

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