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Letter: Don’t be fooled by Obama’s ‘Grabcare’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The fox is in the henhouse again. Don’t let this screeching liberal, Dr. Kathleen Sebelius, and her boss, Mr. Obama, fool you on Obamacare, rightfully known as "grabcare." This so-called independent payment advisory board is just the beginning of a grab of power from the people of the United States and their elected Congress.

Can you imagine a bunch of unelected bureaucrats determining the medical treatment and outcome for you or members of your family and friends? It is strictly a political situation without any expertise except to the loyal followers. I call it a "grab" because that is exactly what it is, a grab from power over the citizens to control our health care system without the guarantees in our Constitution revered by all who care.

President Obama is either ignorant of the potential abuses or wants to socialize and destroy the greatest democracy in the world unfettered by presidential largesse and destruction of the middle class that he...

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