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Letter: Don’t abolish the Electoral College

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It is a misconception that the United States is a democracy. Do you pledge “allegiance to the flag and to the democracy for which it stands”? In fact, the United States is a republic which has the rule of law. In a democracy there is majority rule. An example is you and two wolves voting on what to have for dinner.

Another is claiming that Hillary Clinton had the majority of votes in the last election and thus we should abolish the Electoral College.

This would greatly diminish the role of the states in presidential elections, enable large population states to overshadow the influence of small population states, and encourage voter fraud in large population states. In this method, the states of New York and California plus a couple other states would dictate the result. People in all the other states would have no voice and no need to bother to vote.

The National Popular Vote Compact Bill (NPV), HB99, has been introduced in the House of the Virg...

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