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Letter: Doing nothing is part of the problem

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I recently sent a letter to the editor expressing my dismay with the Tea Party for not standing up to the wingnuts (great term) who have been shown carrying racist signs at several (never said all) Tea Party rallies. I would like to thank the two ladies who invited me to attend a local meeting to see first-hand what goes on and chastised me for my opinions. I sincerely wish they had gotten my point.

Yes, I, like many millions of voters, get my news from "mainstream media outlets" such as CNN, Fox and the big three networks, in addition to online news and print. I do shy away from radio entertainers (his description) such as Limbaugh. I know and understand the political leanings of most outlets, so I focus on what politicians do or do not say, finding this less slanted and more illuminating than any political newsletter. Pundits and panels are seldom if ever fair or balanced, just opinionated. This I proudly admit, I get informed like most indepe...

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