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Letter: Do you really want socialism?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I’m calling on all students to read and consider my below thoughts.

Suppose after studying for many days in order to excel in all your subjects, you achieve success, making all As and Bs. Unfortunately in your classes, there are those who for various reasons do not. A few just can’t, they are incapable. Some make no effort, don’t study at all, party all night, and make Ds and Fs.

Suppose your teachers insist upon "fairness" and evenly distribute the grades, causing everyone to get Cs. It’s called "redistribution." How do you feel about that? What kind of job/career will your hard work yield? How can you compete with graduates from other countries who reward earned merit rather than enforced "fairness?"

When effort is penalized, incentive is dulled, mediocrity becomes the norm. "Redistribution of wealth" is socialism. Please think about this when you vote in November. Do you really want socialism?

Nancy P. Lewis

Bena, Va.

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