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Letter: Discrimination, discernment and freedom

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Discrimination has numerous definitions and use, and is necessary for law-abiding communities. Restaurants that require people to wear shirts and shoes to enter the establishment, a health and safety issue, not allowing underage children in a bar, and an obvious example is choosing not to invite persons who strongly dislike each other to the same gathering, unless you want to start a fight.

There is nothing wrong with the word, but political correct influence pushes the idea that it is only “racism.” Discernment, where logic and reality are used to make the right choice or decision, a process that needs to be used more often, is also clouded by the same influence, one that is really just another method of taking away our freedoms. Those who respect the words of our Constitution understand that when God and His word is honored, so are the freedoms we were given, first by Him and then by the Founders.

God gives us rules to live by but He also gives...

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