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Letter: Disapproves request for state help

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am greatly disturbed by the news that the Gloucester School Board is begging the State of Virginia for additional funds to build a state-of-the-art dream school instead of using insurance money to replace the tornado-damaged Page School ASAP and get the kids back in class.

If Governor Bob McDonnell wants to stir the ire of taxpayers and change his massive approval ratings among all Virginians, then he’ll succumb to the "woe is me" plea from Anita Parker and School Superintendent Ben Kiser. But he’d better not.

This reminds me of the boomerang kids who wander back home when what they tried at being as an adult doesn’t pan out. Sure we love them, and we might even give some advice and let them stay in the old bedroom—for a week or two—but adulthood brings with it responsibility. And we sure wouldn’t let them stay for free so they could make the monthly payment on a new car that we can’t afford ourselve...

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