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Letter: Disappointed

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Normally a rather private citizen, I’ve rarely had any reason to contact county government or our board of supervisors, but …

Last week, my neighborhood experienced a rather nasty stench, one that I (having some past farm exposure) personally related to as smelling like a hog pen. The younger generation may not relate to my analogy; none-the-less, at best it smelled worse than garbage.

After several hours, having awakened to and breathing this awful smell, several of us began to do some inquiries. Someone contacted the sheriff’s office, who, in turn, gave us a number of another department. That person actually expressed concern, but stated it was out of their jurisdiction and suggested we call the health department. The health department passed us to the Department of Environmental Quality, who suggested a few possibilities. I believe it was the health department that said they sent someone to investigate, but no one in our neighborhood reported seein...

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