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Letter: Did Supreme Court provide clarity?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I used to look to our Supreme Court for clarity regarding the laws all of us are to live by. This morning, it appears that this court is too involved with "politics." First, Obama demanded this law as mandate, forcing everyone to buy health insurance—the court says this is not allowed under our Constitution, and then backpedals, saying it instead a tax, making it lawful for Congress.

Obama repeatedly stated "no, it is not a tax," pushing it as a mandate. What this court has done is muddy the water, making it even more difficult for the states and our citizens to know what to expect, to know how to pan. It would have been much better if instead Congress had "worked together," making it easier for insurance providers to sell what they had to offer and allowing citizens to choose freely whatever coverage they want, or none at all. As a tax, it penalizes any who do not buy insurance, thereby damaging as a mandate would do.

This president does not know...

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