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Letter: Departure of department heads a good thing

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There is a rumble of dissent in Gloucester County over the loss of our department heads this year. Those who complain must be either lacking in ambition, have limited skill levels or have this perception that once hired, you are my liege forever.

The individual goals, if we as a free society have forgotten, are to excel in our abilities and advance to the highest level on the ladder of success before retirement. Those who leave possess the drive to advance their self, their family and provide their new employer the opportunity to expand their programs from a proven record of accomplishment of the new hire for the organization and the community.

Income is but a vehicle towards advancement. Even if we are in dire economic conditions, the individual has the opportunity to research and put forth their resumes for advancement across this broad land. The complainer must live in a small cocoon or is quite happy within himself to walk a career path at only one ...

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