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Letter: Democrats’ shaky legs

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Norm Mosher, the Democrat challenging Congressman Rob Wittman in Tuesday’s election, spoke in Mathews County at a local NAACP meeting. According to news reports, Mosher used the example of a three-legged stool to describe the Democrats’ version of the social safety net: Medicare, Social Security and Obamacare.

But his comments as to the efficacy of each were not honest. Social Security will be insolvent in 17 years. Medicare/Medicaid is corrupt beyond measure (A friend of mine told me his wife was signed up for a wheelchair while under sedation. The couple had rejected the offer of a chair previously, but Medicare/Medicaid persisted). And Obamacare? If you don’t know someone who’s getting turned upside down with their choice of doctor, hospital and premium/deductible costs, you need to start listening more carefully. So much for Mosher’s big government safety net!

The real safety net is the one that truly protects us from the ha...

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