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Letter: Democracy: Mob rule

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As residents of Mathews, it should be incumbent on each of us to do our duty and due diligence. Whether you have roots here that go back 350+ years, as some of us do, or whether you moved here last week, you apparently have an implied duty to perform.

What duty, you may well ask. It is apparently implied in our modern media climate that we must all go to the cemeteries hereabout and make selections. What shall we select? Which tombstones shall we have removed!

We are living in a time of dangerous precedent in America. We had been a nation that lived under laws that were brought about by a process through our duly elected officials. We have now come under the illusion that we are no longer a republic, but are becoming a Democracy.

A democracy is equal to the idea of “mob rule.” If the most people voted to have all red automobiles banned from our highways, it would then become illegal to have a red car or truck on the road. Similarly, if the popular ...

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