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Letter: Demand transparency

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Remember the line, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore?” Given what has happened to our country in the last seven months, you should be mad.

Open borders, criminals released without bail, violent crime rising, robberies in broad daylight with the perpetrators calmly walking away with their loot—no one attempting to stop them. And now this Afghanistan fiasco. Why is this all happening now? Why? Because of the people holding elected office.

This brings me to the voting process. Two weeks ago in this newspaper, the editor proclaimed in bold print that Virginia’s voting process produced “a fair and free election.” While the assertion may be correct regarding county tabulations and results, it is not correct regarding statewide counting and reporting. Like Georgia, Pennsylvania and other states that made the news about their election “funny business,” Virginia showed the same irregularities despite the lack of legal challenges.

I sent ...

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