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Letter: Demand better behavior

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The U.S. Senate trial of twice-impeached Donald Trump—this time for inciting an insurrection against the United States government—has ended in acquittal. With the exception of seven Republican senators, the Senate accepted incitement of violence as a norm in America.

Joe Biden beat Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election by 7 million votes, but Trump convinced thousands of his followers that he had actually won. Why do his followers believe him? Because he fed them the lie that if he lost it was only because the election was rigged against him—and them, that they were also losers. And he told this lie months before, during and after the election; continually emphasizing they were the losers.

In many states the down-ballot Republican politicians won more votes than Trump so the vote wasn’t simply anti-Republican, but specifically anti-Trump. State after state declared the numbers were correct—Trump had lost. Still, his supporters continued asking court...

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