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Letter: Definitions matter

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Some things to keep in mind when you listen to politicians and candidates:

Socialism: The USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)—a former communist country in Eastern Europe and northern Asia, established in 1922. Socialism is often defined in lofty terms but it is, in fact, the Marxist economic practice of the communist dictatorship’s complete control of the economy—a total opposite of the free enterprise system, the one proven system for progress and prosperity throughout the history of mankind.

Revolution: The true meaning of Revolution is a war or uprising to overthrow an existing government. Exhibit A is the Russian Revolution of 1917 when the Communists deposed the Tsar, the head of the then-government of Russia.

What is called the “American Revolution” is used as a ploy to convince people that not all things communist are bad. After all, Communists and American patriots were engaged in revolutions. But, the “Am...

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