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Letter: Definition of insanity

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In my 67 years, I have watched our political process. We vote in the new communists, formerly Democrats, get disgusted with the results, vote in Republicats expecting reforms, get disgusted, then rinse and repeat.

The biggest problem is with uninformed citizens. First and foremost, we need to stop electing unGodly people, expecting them to have morals and integrity. A Godly man knows he is held to a higher authority and is less likely to be corrupted, since God knows what his thoughts are before he/she even does. Makes sense.

Virtually every one in Congress today has violated their oaths of office, voting for unconstitutional bills. They play word games, circumventing the Constitution on a daily basis and grant themselves authority they do not legally have. Perhaps we need a third party, a Patriot Party, comprised of newly elected honest men and women—yes, only two choices here—and win a few converts from both sides of the aisle until it is the majori...

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