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Letter: Defining government costs by account codes

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The article breaking down local government expenses (May 31 issue) needs to be expanded upon for the benefit of the taxpayer. The Gloucester County School Board and their administration provide the most data in a composite form for the taxpayer to understand. Annually their budget is synopsized by account code both budgeted and actual for accurate reviewing or individual trending for cost analysis. This includes revenues from all sources and expenditures.

Gloucester County’s Board of Supervisors and administration provides a budget defining revenues and expenditures, but without a synopsis defined by account codes. Therefore, unlike the school system, you can never determine your revenue intakes or expenditures by account code for reviewing or trending over time. Without this capability, you will never know the percentages of costs for labor and benefits as compared to true operating expenses, including debt.

The state does provide a document more...

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