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Letter: Defining a dictator

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Living under a dictatorship: Unrestricted power, coercion, mandating authority over the people, being above the law, allowing crime and lawlessness, unending open borders (yes, they are still wide open), and making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Biden says his “Bidenomics” are working for American people. What planet is he living on? He continually lies to the American people and yet, so many still believe his lies.

Biden mandated shots and masks—even Pelosi said the president did not have the power to mandate. He chose to pay off college debts which, once again, he did not have the power to act on in accordance with our Constitution. He is mandating electric cars for all our good to save climate change.

Why don’t they concentrate on getting rid of plastic, which is 3.4 percent of global carbon emissions? Also, 83 percent of the carbon is being recirculated through our oceans. These two problems would be many times over more effective to our ...

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