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Letter: Decisions not made behind closed doors

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In Michael Kuhns’ letter (“Let’s think before we act,” Feb. 16 Readers Write) referring to the Hole in the Wall situation, he wrote that “the Mathews Board of Supervisors is attempting to escape the responsibilities it has with the people of Mathews, making the decisions behind closed doors.”

I am guessing he is referring to closed session and, in closed session, the board is only allowed to discuss matters before voting on the issues in public, not “making” decisions behind closed doors.

There are some people in Mathews County who seem bent on opposing anything the conservatives try to do, even something as simple as getting the restaurant owners to get regular maintenance on the deck. If the conservatives tried to cut the grass on the historical green, somebody would be out there waving little green signs and yelling to save the grass.

So, to respond to Mr. Kuhns’ statement, the answer is that perhaps you need to do a little more research and att...

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