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Letter: David and Goliath

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

All ages, all religions, all races and all creeds—“One Body” united by prayer. Prayer is the foundation of all religions. We need the world to pray for the world. When we pray, we empower our God to inspire us to do his work here on earth. God lives through us, just as He lived through His disciples. His power creates miracles in our lives, as well as others.

In my humble opinion, God is giving the world a miracle waiting to happen. He is asking the world to embrace the concept of “David and Goliath”—Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine’s President Zelensky personifies the values of all people around the world who cherish love of people, country and, above all, freedom (democracy).

He and his country ask humbly for the help they need to fight and push the evil out of their country. He is not only fighting for Ukraine, but for democracies around the world. We need to show power over evil if we are to defeat those who wish to destroy our constitutional rights.


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