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Letter: Critical of oyster proposal article

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I am writing in response to last week’s front-page article concerning the Gwynn’s Island aquaculture proposal.

As a neighbor of Island Seafood Co., I’m not sure whether this article was a puff piece for Mr. Wade, or just a very poorly reported one-sided representation of an issue.

To start, the application has resulted in 61 protest letters to date registered with the VMRC Habitat and Permits Division, not seven as reported. There are also 130 signatures on a petition voicing concern about the project. These facts could easily have been verified and included in the article.

Concerning reduced property values, Mr. Wade’s line of work is in the seafood business. He is not a realtor. I’m not surprised that he hasn’t collected evidence of reduced property values since this would be self-defeating on his part. The Gazette-Journal could easily have looked into other areas where this is currently happening, and is documented. On...

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