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Letter: Credibility is important

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

When I was a teenager many years ago, I worked in my mother’s restaurant in a small town in Ohio. One day, a family came in for lunch and was seated.

The father ordered tomato soup and shortly after, the meals were delivered. A few minutes later the father spoke up and insisted that I hadn’t brought him tomato soup. I assured him it was but he refuted my claim. In an effort to appease him, I went to the kitchen and found the can that I had emptied and brought it to him for proof.

His response? Just because you show me an empty tomato soup can doesn’t prove that was what you brought me. I was shocked and appalled that he would insinuate I was a liar. I had never lied to anyone and my credibility was important.

So, fifty some years later this remains in my memory as vivid as the day it happened. I’m reminded of that long ago memory when I hear the objections over the November election results.

Shirley ChirchGloucester, Va.

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