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Letter: Covid bullying needs to stop

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Everyone has their own opinions on masking and vaccinating but a lot of the people that are pro mask and pro vaccine have no respect for anyone else’s opinion. And they are being backed by the media and some of our government. There is a lot of “bullying” going on to try to shame people into getting vaccinated or wearing masks against their will.

I have been vaccinated and boosted and later contracted and recovered from the virus. I believe if you don’t want the vaccine or don’t want to wear a mask, that’s your personal choice. It’s not your responsibility to take care of me or others. If you accept the risks, then that’s your responsibility. It’s my responsibility to protect myself and none of my business what you want to do. If I’m really worried, the CDC gives me guidelines on how to protect myself.

When you give up freedoms, you just open the door to losing more freedoms. And we are trying to bully people into giving up freedom. That’s un-American...

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