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Letter: Correctness in covering the news

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

It is inconceivable to me that any person who calls himself or herself a news person, that they don’t try to obtain the facts concerning the Libyan stonewalling by our government concerning the timeline of the events. To not ask our government representatives these questions is detrimental to these so called news people calling themselves news people. With all of the various facts that have come out now, eight weeks after the initial attack and no one in the mainstream media and local media asking these pertinent questions:

1. Libya security and stonewalling of the facts that make him look bad.

2. Crippling the economy.

3. Massive national debt.

4. Foreign affairs.

5.Hiding/classifying personnel school records.

6. Outright lying in regards facts towards Romney.

7. Falsifying/classifying records that show him as not a qualified person to run for president.

8. Encouraging the people of the United States to become an entitlement society.

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