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Letter: Continued foreign policy ineptitude

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

We should not have a diplomatic presence at any overseas location where mission security cannot be guaranteed by a combination of our own security detail and host government protection … period!

For 10 years, I worked with the U.S. government inter-agency inspection teams charged with visiting overseas diplomatic missions to evaluate security, including the terrorist threat. Almost never did the State Department heed our recommendations for increased security at particular posts. Among the reasons given for inaction were lack of funding and personnel resources and, yes, political considerations at the highest levels. Sound familiar?

I once asked CIA Director Admiral Stansfield Turner why we needed to maintain a large American presence at our Teheran embassy, exposing them to physical danger, given the Iranian government’s intransigence and the fact that an armed group had occupied the embassy for a short period earlier. Turner’s short...

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