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Letter: Constitution is a living document

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The Constitution is not carved in stone. Constitutional conservatives believe this document is perfection, not to be questioned, and those who do are something less than patriotic. Was Lincoln un-American when he signed the 13th Amendment freeing the slaves or Harding a Socialist when he signed the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote? I think not.

Since Day One of our Constitution, people of all stripes have found flaws with the document and have fought and paid, sometimes with their lives, to fix it. The first 10 amendments, or the Bill of Rights, created a foundation unmatched in history (my opinion), yet 17 times in our history, this grand document has been changed to reflect how the country thinks at that moment in time. Point is, even if we find these truths to be self evident (Declaration of Independence), they often are left to others to implement. As the world gets more and more complicated, there will be more opportunities to do the &qu...

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