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Letter: Consistent Democrats

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Once again, the Democrats have taken their normal position of opposing Supreme Court rulings that change the “law of the land.” Of course, lost in the conversation is that it is the same view they took over 200 years ago with any of the court’s rulings on slavery, which they considered the “law of the land,” and the same position they took for much of the last century on changes to segregation, which they also considered the “law of the land.”

For years, they opposed any court interference and used the power of the filibuster in the Senate to block any law that might result in integration of our schools. Maybe that is why they are so supportive of rewriting history so their role in those events might be forgotten and they can continue lying to us.

As usual, they take the position of following those laws they believe in and opposing those laws that are not consistent with their beliefs, even if that destroys this country.

It is ironic that they make...

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