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Letter: Conservatives and progressives share a love for America

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I find myself again responding to a letter in the Gazette-Journal. In July, I wrote my first letter to a newspaper. I had to. I responded to the tone of the letter and to a statement that read, "so-called progressives on the left have zero love for America and even less for our Constitution and the values that grew from it." There were some other people that responded to the same letter. I must say, they did it very well.

Now this same person has written another letter that begs for a response. Her tone was milder, but to say some readers failed to read what was written, you are wrong. I read her previous letter numerous times and I believe I understood perfectly what she was saying.

How could she think people wouldn’t react and express their opinion? An opinion different from hers. And I should check my reaction before sharing it? If someone wrote a letter and said "so-called conservatives, on the right, have zero love for America ...

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