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Letter: Congratulations on the reassessment

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Congratulations to Gloucester’s Real Estate Assessment Department on the 2015 reassessments.

From the receptionist to the appraisers, Nick and Louis, to the county assessor Derek Green, there was a spirit of cooperation and teamwork to get the job done. There was no “know-it-all” roughshod treatment of our citizens. They were courteous and listened well to property owners who had points to make on low land and timberland, and the present real estate market. Give and take was very evident in any dialogue with the growth of Gloucester from a small rural county to a bedroom community, with the attendant demands on schools and infrastructure.

Thank you again for making a difficult job possible with the least hassle and misunderstandings—a credit to our county.

David L. Peebles

Ordinary, Va. ...

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