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Letter: Concerns over illegal aliens

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I share Mr. Burlingame’s concerns about the governor attempting to make our commonwealth a “sanctuary state” (“Northam turning Virginia into sanctuary state,” Feb. 20 Readers Write). Not only are the economic and moral issues of concern to me, but also the matter of national security, and the potential for voter fraud.

If these illegal aliens are able to pass the loosened ID requirements, the will of the citizens can be thwarted for a political party, and yes, I mean Mr. Northam’s Democrats. Voting is by the U.S. Constitution limited to citizens of the U.S. Allowing foreign nationals to cast a ballot effectively abrogates our sovereignty.

What can we do about it? Contact our representatives, obviously. Also, we can petition our board of supervisors to: 1.) direct local law enforcement to cooperate fully and closely with federal authorities in the removal of illegals; 2.) require that the school board ensure the status of n...

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