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Letter: Concerned about Syrian refugees in U.S.

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Regarding the Syrian refugee crisis, I am as compassionate as anyone else, but I have concerns about the ability of our elected officials to effectively vet the ones our president has agreed to take in. Reports coming from European countries indicate that the majority of them are not women and children, but males of military age. I must wonder if there is a correlation to what happened in Paris.

Furthermore, how can we justify feeding and housing tens of thousands of refugees when a large number of our own veterans are living on the streets and lacking in proper health care? How can we justify the expense when our government borrows money from China and then uses it to support radical groups in the Middle East that created the refugee crisis in the first place?

A little history to put things in perspective: In the 700s, Charles “The Hammer” Martel of France repelled a Muslim invasion at the Battle of Tours, aka the Battle of Poitiers. Around 700 ...

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