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Letter: Comic books taught at Page?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

With all the flurry about tearing down, closing and building schools in Gloucester County, I was particularly attracted to a little announcement in the current summer issue of The Beehive. It appears that Page School offered a "Graphic Literature" elective to the 13 and 14 year-olds this spring about the history of and creation of comic books. Now I’m clearer as to what Ben Kiser’s talking about when he uses the phrase and insists on "a school room for the next 70 years." Maybe the next superintendent will prefer serious literature and have a greater appreciation of the public’s purse.

When I was in school, comic books were to be left at home (albeit many were snuck into jackets and passed around). Now, a $57 million a year county school system authorizes rooms, teacher’s salaries and grant money for their perusal and study. If readers are dumbstruck with this revelation they should be, especially in light of th...

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