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Letter: Collective bargaining: A win-win


The right to negotiate contracts is such a standard labor practice, it is difficult to comprehend the fact that teachers and educators in Gloucester County do not participate in this practice.

Collective bargaining affects the entire community. It will make the county a more desirable place to live and to work.

Teachers and educators possess first-hand knowledge of strategies that can be utilized to improve and enhance the learning environment. From smaller class sizes, to referral for additional services, and everything in between, teachers need to have their voices heard.

And that is exactly what collective bargaining does! It is designed to give teachers and educators a seat at the table during the decision-making process. These professional voices need to be heard. Under-paid and over-worked, it is clear this profession is not chosen for the income but rather for the outcomes. Educators care about the education of our children. Children are inde...

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