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Letter: Clams filter water just like oysters

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

What kind of science is it when its practitioners can twist facts to suit their own purposes? Using the massive resources of the state and prestige of a highly regarded university, the VMRC unsuccessfully attempted to take down a major part of my family aquaculture business.

The reader is referred to case #07-1164 heard before the sitting commission in Newport News on 3/25/08, at which a VIMS scientist testified against me, saying that clams were a source of nitrogen pollution and did not clear the water. I got no answer to a letter asking him what the difference was between oysters and clams.

With regards to filtration capabilities, there is little if any difference, yet both the VMRC and its twin one-eyed sister at Gloucester Point (a contemporized, politically correct version of the Cyclops) use that claim—oyster filtration—as a key feature to get public support for oyster restoration. Snuggling in the capacious bosom of a state-run enter...

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