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Letter: Choosing between families’ safety and the law

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Our governor, in his effort to do what he must have thought would improve the safety of Virginia citizens, has made at least 26 states less safe than they were before. I know he could not have thought it through, for only an idiot would have killed reciprocity of concealed gun permits in 25 states and made every legal concealed carrier in Virginia a criminal when they travel. Yes, I will purposely break the law and carry into states where I beforehand could but now, thanks to our governor, am a criminal.

To carry in a state, you must fill out a form which means law enforcement knows you exist and, at some level (maybe not as strict as Virginia), trust you do to so. Now they don’t. Many like me are forced to pick between our and our families’ safety and the law and, like myself, will pick our families. We obey the laws. We are safe with our weapons. We even don’t care giving up a little freedom in order to satisfy regulations. But, Mr. Govern...

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