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Letter: Chickens have come home to roost

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Republicans have carried Mathews County by large majorities for decades. This held true in the last election as well. The Republican Party has promoted itself as being the party that promises less involvement and less interference in the lives of corporate and individual Americans. On the face of it, this sounds very good.

Now, although, after decades of federal government non-involvement in adequately maintaining the transportation infrastructure of navigable waterways, that responsibility and expense is apparently being defaulted to local communities. This is an awesome and costly proposition that only can be accomplished by an increase in local county taxes.

My friends, the chickens have come home to roost right here in Mathews County and the voters have gotten just what they asked for when they voted for the Republican principles of  less and less governmental involvement.

No one should be surprised.

Woodrow W. James Jr.

Dutton, Va. ...

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