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Letter: Change by Obama

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

President Obama campaigned on the change he would bring to America, stressing how he would end the partisanship and encourage working together, provide jobs for everyone, etc. He has certainly brought change and it started right after he was elected:

1. Partisanship—His comment to Republicans that "he won and they should just get over it" is his example.

2. Working together—The divide is greater than ever and he and the Democrats in Congress seem to like it that way and encourage racial and cultural comparisons to turn one group against another (Remember "United We Stand, Divided We Fall"?).

3. Jobs—Where are they? What type of job? Is it permanent or temporary? Keep looking.

4. The Deficit—The worst in the history of America.

5. Mortgage industry—Is it still alive? I do believe that the president and some of his friends in Congress have done it in.

6. War—They go on and on unless someone knows how to finish i...

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