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Letter: Cell phones in the courthouse, an update

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Basically, I want to use my cell phone to fill out forms and pay bills at the Gloucester courthouse just like they do in other courthouses. So for the past month, I’ve been standing outside in front of the courthouse asking that we revisit the cell phone policy and that we work together for a more respectful one.

I talked to many people, learned a lot, and “protesting” really does lower your blood pressure. Yes, I know this is a minor issue, but we can make our “courthouse experience” better—although it’s never been a happy place for me.

What are the results of my one-man protest so far? Generally, most taxpayers are agreeing with me that: “people should be able to fill out a form or pay a bill with their cell phone” and “since a lawyer can use a cell phone in court—the litigant should as well” and “that we should come up with a more fair and respectful cell phone policy.”


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