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Letter: Cause and effect

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Who is running our country? The Democrats. Who has the majority and controls the policies we now face every day? The Democrats. Inflation is at a 40-year high and our president says to the American people: “We are in a good place.” He refuses to drill our oil and natural gas and make us oil independent again, but is begging terrorist countries to sell us their oil.

He has brought gas prices down because he is using our oil reserves—this is his midterm election solution. If fossil fuel is so bad, why is he buying it from other countries? Oh yeah, his “Green New Deal,” which will still need fossil fuels to run their electric cars. Not a Joke, Biden!

Let’s look at Biden’s speech on Oct. 7 and what he didn’t address: At least 5 million illegal immigrants have entered our country from all over the world since Biden took office. Many in this administration have said the border is secure or closed. That is why Govs. Abbott and DeSantis are sending them to sa...

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